Tungsten Application-Tungsten in Oil Exploration

Oil well drilling Drilling Counterbalance for Petroleum Alloy Drilling

What is oil drilling?

Generally speaking, when it comes to environmental or geotechnical investigations of groundwater, mining, oil or natural gas, it is necessary to drill to study the formation when drilling wells. Drilling can work in different layers, the depth can be from 300 meters to 8000 meters.

Tungsten alloy used in oil drilling Since oil drilling must always go deeper into the formation, the better the characteristics of the formation. High-performance drilling equipment is very important. It must be heavy and strong enough to balance out too much upward drag and increase descending power. In fact, it should act as a counterweight to the entire device.

Tungsten alloy is the best material for drilling equipment. The device must be heavy enough to penetrate the barite mud and hard enough to withstand the water pressure in such harsh conditions. Most designs require highly detailed detectors and positioning. Mechanical properties play a key role in the performance of these large components. The density of tungsten alloy products is up to 18.5 g/cm3, the hardness is up to 36 HRC, wear resistance, impact resistance and durability make tungsten alloy the best material for underground water and oil and gas drilling equipment. Here the special mechanical properties are superior to many large components.

We can provide tungsten alloy products related to petroleum industry We can offer various tungsten alloy products for drilling tool counterweights, and can design drawings and manufacture products according to customer's specific requirements. The products we provide are pure products that have been pressed and sintered and can be processed to produce the products our customers require.

If you have any questions or queries about this product, please feel free to contact us. The price will be provided according to other specific requirements such as size, density, quantity, hardness and so on.