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Tungsten Applications

ractical Uses for Pure Tungsten & Tungsten Alloys


Tungsten alloy is optimally suited to aerospace and aviation industries because it is generally used by aerospace designers for balancing components or reducing vibration. Tungsten's attributes can be particularly valuable in situations when an extremely high concentration of weights is required in a confined space. Tungsten is also a highly durable, long lasting material so it will withstand the harshest operating conditions.

We manufacture aircraft balance weights, aircraft ballast weights, trim weights, helicopter blade weights, rotor blades, anti-flutter weights, bucking bars, propellers, airplane rudders, and missile components. High weight to size ratio, outstanding tensile strength (110 kpsi), good machinability for close tolerances and fine surfaces. Tungsten is non-toxic, non-radioactive, and conforms to Industry Specifications ASTM B777-07.

Medical / Collimiter

Tungsten is a very effective shielding material, has good machinabilty and is widely used in the medical industry to manufacture collimators. In neutron,X-ray and gamma ray optics, the collimator is a device that filters a stream of rays so that only those traveling parallel to a specified direction are allowed through. It is not yet possible to focus radiation with such short wavelengths into an image as is routine with electromagnetic radiation at optical or near optical wavelengths however tungsten collimators can be used in the neutron, X-ray and gamma-ray spectrum.

Oil Drilling

Tungsten alloy used in oil drilling as a drilling balance weight. It is always better to have the oil drilling enter the stratum deeper, which helps to get the stratum properties. High-performance oil drilling equipment is very important. It should be heavy and strong so as to balance excessive upward resistance and enhance the downward momentum. In fact, it must act as the balance weight of the entire apparatus.

Tungsten alloy is the best material for manufacturing drilling equipment. The device must be heavy enough to enter the barite mud and hard enough to resist the water pressure in such a harsh environment. Most designs are detectors as well as positioning with high processing requirements. Mechanical properties play a core role in the operation of these parts. Because of the density of tungsten alloy up to 18.5g/cm3, and hardness reaching 36 HRC, as well as its abrasion resistance, impact resistance and durability, tungsten alloy becomes the best material of ground water, oil and natural gas drilling equipment. Its special mechanical property has exceeded lots of large parts.

We provide various tungsten alloy products using for balance weight of drilling tools and can also design drawings and produce products according to customers ?specific requirements. Products provided by us are semi-finished after pressing and sintering and finishing can be done to them, so as to make them into products needed by customers.

Sapphire Hot Zone

As the hardest one of all the oxide crystals, sapphire has the combination of optical and physical properties that makes it the best choice for a variety of demanding applications. Sapphire maintains its strength even at high temperatures.

Sapphire has good thermal properties, excellent electrical and dielectric properties and is resistant to chemical attack. These properties encourage the use of sapphire in aggressive environments where long-term reliability, high optical transmission or good strength is required. Through being developed for more than half a century, Al2O3 crystals have been extensively applied on an industrial scale. Synthetic sapphire has made enormous contribution to our lighting industry, national defense, aeronautics and astronautics, and also provides a strong guarantee for rapid development of the LED industry in recent years.

Tungsten & Molybdenum's Roll in Sapphire Production

The growth of single crystal sapphire technology first is single crystal material heating to more than 2000 Celsius degrees,and then slowly cooling in a controlled environment. Due to tungsten and molybdenum having the characteristics of high temperature resistance and low pollution, tungsten and molybdenum are widely used in the ot zone for sapphire growth. The core of sapphire furnace , the so-called hot zone, designed precisely to each customer requirements for manufacturing high performance materials. Many hot zone components consist of high purity and high density tungsten molybdenum elements offered here, where manufacturing unique and advanced materials with features of uniform organizational structure and no internal defects.