Tungsten Rod

Tungsten Rod

Tungsten Rod

99.95% pure Tungsten Rod

Appearance: silver gray metal luster

Density: not less than 19.2g/cm3

Supply state: annealing or processing

Tungsten Rod Applications

Tungsten Rod is suitable for producing ion implantation parts

Tungsten Rod is suitable for producing electric light source parts and electric vacuum components

Tungsten Rod is suitable for producing heating elements and refractory parts in high temperature furnaces

Tungsten Rod is also used as electrode in the field of rare earth metal industry

Tungsten Rod Type and Size

Tungsten Rod ContentTypeDiameter(mm)Dia. Tolerance(mm)Length(mm)L tolerance(mm)Liner Rate
99.95%Sintering RodΦ40-100± 3<500± 5± 5%
99.95%Forged RodΦ20-80± 2<800± 5± 2%
99.95%Ground RodΦ2-60± 0.1<650± 1± 0.5%

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