Tungsten Carbide Sleeves

Tungsten Carbide Sleeves

The use of tungsten carbide sleeves in the oil industry

Usage of tungsten carbide sleeves in the oil industry is well appreciated. Due to the strength of the material along with its ability to high pressure, tungsten carbide sleeves are used in water pumps, oil pumping units as well as other fuel pumping industries.

The advantages of tungsten carbide sleeves in the oil industry

Tungsten carbide’s properties make it a preferred product for usage in specific conditions of the oil industry like high-temperature furnace conditions, crucibles, rocket nozzles, etc. Its properties like high heat conduction, resistance to corrosion as well as material strength make tungsten carbide sleeves extremely suitable in industries and usages involving heavy friction like the oil and refinery industry.

Zhuzhou Weison Advanced Materials are the market leaders in the manufacture and supply of tungsten carbide sleeves for the oil industry.  With their high-quality production machines and state of art instruments, WEISON is a renowned and trusted name in supplying tungsten carbide sleeves that meet stringent international standards.


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