Tungsten Block

Tungsten Block

Tungsten block

Tungsten Block Specifations

Tungsten, being one of the toughest and high temperature-resistant metals available, is an excellent material to manufacture gauge blocks. We are a leading tungsten blocks manufacturer in China, providing up to 99.95% pure high quality, high density, and highly machinable blocks for the aviation, military, metallurgy, building materials construction industries.

We manufacture big sized and high density tungsten alloy blocks of diversified materials-- tungsten carbide blocks, pure tungsten block, and copper tungsten block etc.

Appearance: silver gray metal luster

Density: 19.3 g/cc

Purity: ≥99.95%

Processing: Rolling,Forging,Sintering,Grinding

Surface: Polish, alkali washing

Standard:GB/T 3875, ASTM B777

Melting point:3410°C

Boiling point:5927°C

Properties of Tungsten Block

Anti-corrosion,high temperature oxidation resistance

High density, compacting even structure

No shape change, high bending strength when temperature,long life span

Good machinability

Extensive size as per customer’s requirements

1Normal sizeMin:3mm Max:38mmMin:3mm Max:38mmMin:3mm Max:38mm
1Special size>38mm>38mm>38mm

Tungsten Block Applications

For producing tungten targets

For producing ion implantation parts

For making tungsten foil and tungsten discs

For producing electric light source parts and electric vacuum components

For producing heating elements and refractory elements in high temperature furnaces

For producing W-boats,and heating units in high temperature furnaces

For producing radiation shielding parts

Tungsten Block Availible in Several Alloys

We offer any tungsten block as pure or in alloy form suitable for different working environments.

Pure tungsten block

Tungsten heavy alloy block

Tungsten tantalum block

Copper tungsten block

Tungsten carbide block and more...