Tungsten Plate / With Boreholer

Tungsten Plate / With Borehole

Pure Tungsten Plate

Purity: ≤99.95%

Density: ≤19.0g/cm3

Flatness ≤2%;

Standard: GB/T3875-83orASTMB760-86

Tungsten Plate Applications

Suitable for producing ion implantation parts

For producing electric light source parts,components of electric vacuum

For producing W-boats,heat shield and heat bodies in high temperature furnace

Used for tungsten sputtering target

Used in reflection shield,cover plate applied in the sapphire growth furnace

ThicknessThickness ToleranceWidthWidth ToleranceLengthLength ToleranceDelivery Condition
3.0±0.2010~500±0.5600±0.5Hot rolled
4.0±0.3010~500±0.5600±0.5Hot rolled
5.0±0.4010~550±0.5600±0.5Hot rolled
6.0±0.5010~550±0.5600±0.5Hot rolled
7.0±0.5010~550±0.5600±0.5Hot rolled
8.0±0.5010~550±0.5600±0.5Hot rolled
9.0±0.5010~550±0.5600±0.5Hot rolled
10.0±0.5010~550±0.5600±0.5Hot rolled
11.0±0.5010~550±0.5600±0.5Hot rolled
12.0±0.5010~550±0.5600±0.5Hot rolled
13.0±0.5010~550±0.5600±0.5Hot rolled
14.0±0.5010~550±0.5600±0.5Hot rolled
15.0±0.5010~550±0.5600±0.5Hot rolled

Tungsten rod surface condition:There are two cases: Forged or polished surface. Tungsten rod with polished surface has better diameter homogeneity then forged surface which will make the electrical resistivity in the lengthwise direction, more uniform.

Size of tungsten rod: 3-10mm; Diameter tolerance: forged surface ±0.1mm, polished surface ±0.05mm. The bending radius and shape of the tungsten rods could be accurately manufactured according to the customer's drawings and specifications.

Copper Contactor Parameters

Purity: >99.95%

Density ≤8.9c/cm3

Usage Temperature: ≤800°C

Quality Control: Composition analysis, particle size distribution are tested for each batch of tungsten powder before putting into production. Tungsten rods are subject to strict surface inspection and eddy current flaw inspection before the next bending stage. Before tungsten heaters are packaged and delivered, they must be 100% checked.

Storage & Usage Recommendations:Tungsten heaters are brittle and must be handled with care. Tungsten heaters must be stored in a dry area (humidity less than 60%) otherwise they will oxidize. After first usage, tungsten heaters are more brittle after recrystalization and please be careful not to touch them. Because of the recrystalization issue, cerated tungsten, lanthanated tungsten and tungsten doped with potassium are recommended if possible, for better performance and prolonged service life.

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