Tungsten in Aerospace and Aviation

Tungsten alloy is ideal for the aerospace and aircraft industries because it is typically used by aerospace designers to balance components or reduce vibration. The tungsten attribute can be especially valuable in situations where an extremely high concentration of weights is required in a confined space. high-strength, durable material that can withstand the harshest operating conditions.

We manufacture tungsten aerospace parts by extruding and sintering powders followed by precision machining to meet the requirements and quality standards of aerospace and aviation customers around the world.

we produce aircraft balancers, aircraft ballast weights, trim tabs, helicopter blade weights, main rotor blades, counterweights, booms, propellers, aircraft rudders, rocket components

High weight to size ratio
Outstanding tensile strength of 110 kpsi
Good machinability to close tolerance
Thin surface
НNon-toxic, non-radioactive
ASTM B777-07