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Weison Advanced Materials Company Limited (or WEISON) offers top-rated tungsten products, catering to the specific requirements of the customers. We track upscale innovations on Tungsten/Wolfram and industrial demands for manufacturing the durable, versatile, and excellent range of products. In addition, we have a QA team of experts for assuring high-quality standards of the production.

As a leading manufacturing unit and supplier, we have the finest products in the category of Pure Tungsten, Tungsten Heavy Alloy, Copper Tungsten, Tungsten Carbide & More. You can explore the product pages to find lucid information about their purity, density, tensile strength, dimension, and various specifications. From helicopter blade weights to tungsten wires, we stock a massive range of reliable products.Tungsten Alloy, Pure Tungsten, and Copper Tungsten have widespread applications in the Aerospace, Aviation, Medical, Energy, and Oil industry. Tracking the worldwide innovations on Tungsten and employing the best professionals at work, we produce robust and resourceful products for their respective applications. Intensive research and modern technologies help us in analyzing, improving, and optimizing tungsten materials & products.

Since its inception in the industry, WEISON has given foremost priority to components and structure for material consistency and performance. Consequently, our professionals paid utmost attention to designing components, composition, and vital attributes for strengthening material performances. Not just that, the improvements brought in ductility and machinability make the final products ideal for heavy applications.At WEISON, we have focused on a new technique called powder metallurgy that helps us manufacture an impeccable variety of Tungsten-based products, showcasing outstanding performance and versatility. This technology is the main production process of refractory metals, which includes Tungsten and its alloys. Therefore, our industrious engineers put their fabulous efforts in delivering premium quality results.

We are thankful for a dedicated workforce partnering us while taking on mammoth challenges of top-quality production. We invite customers to submit drawings and specific requirements for technical advice on materials, production, and related matters. All kinds of advice are offered with complete discretion.

Feel free to ask for a catalogue via sales@globaltungstens.com. You can also fill in your details in the form on the Contact Us page to start a communication.


Our Products

We work aggressively to reduce cycle-times, as we believe efficiency is life.

Tungsten carbide for oil industry

Tungsten carbide properties make it a preferred product for usage in specific conditions of the oil industry

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Tungsten Carbide

Tungsten carbide (WC) is an inorganic chemical compound containing equal parts

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Pure Tungsten

Tungsten has the highest melting point (3422°C) of all the non-alloyed metals.

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Tungsten Heavy Alloy

Heavy Tungsten Alloy bears the high density ranging 17.0-18.8g/cc (90-98W).

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Copper Tungsten

RCopper tungsten, as the name suggests, is composed of tungsten and copper.

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Weison found that components and structure of material play a decisive role

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High Performance Tungsten Materials

WEISON found that components and structure of material play a decisive role in material performance, which in turn has significant effect on its applications. Therefore, WEISON paid too much diligence on components design and composition design and adopted multi-components base on tungsten source to strengthen materials performance. It also satisfied the intensity and expansion coefficient of different metal element matching requirements, in order to meet the needs of different occasions the better way. In addition, we leverage modern powder metallurgy, a new technique to manufacture a great variety of high density and performance tungsten based products, to add up to the versatility of our products.

Helpful Staff

WEISON have many skilled technical staff members who are able to offer advice on all aspects of the application of materials listed in the presentation (headline of Process). Any advice will be given in the strictest confidence. Customers are invited to submit their own drawings or specific requirements and they will receive our help and advice as required.

Please contact us by email or by phone freely for a copy of our current catalogue please contact sales@globaltungstens.com

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Our Equipment

We work aggressively to reduce cycle-times, as we believe efficiency is life.

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Uses of Tungsten

The gyroscope, guiding device balance block, aircrafts ballast weights, helicopter blade weights, rotor blades, anti-flutter weights, propellers, airplane rudders, weight screws etc.