Tungsten Carbide Water jet Cutter

Tungsten Carbide Silver(AgWC)

Tungsten carbide silver (AgWC) adopts vacuum melt infiltration process manufacturing,compared to traditional vacuum melt infiltration method. It is good density of products and low oxygen content. Through silver infiltrated method,tungsten carbide silver injects silver into tungsten carbide embryo and tungsten carbide is as secondary component of contact materials. Tungsten carbide silver is high hardness, goodconductivity,etc.

Tungsten Carbide Silver Application

Tungsten carbide silver is similar with silver tungsten. After arc scattered,tungsten carbide silver release to carbon to form a protective layer of carbonmonoxide that can restrain to produce tungsten oxide and tungsten acid. High melting point of tungsten carbide silver can resist strong arc and it is low corrosion type and welding.

Tungsten Carbide Silver Properties

Item No.Content
TCS350Ag50%±2%,WC balance12.205085
TCS340Ag40%±2%,WC balance11.706072
TCS330Ag30%±2%,WC balance11.206557