High Pure Alumina Ball

99.99% Alumina Ball

We optimizes the production process based on the traditional alumina balls, improve the manufacturing equipment and the microcrystalline alumina ball produced by high-end raw materials.

Properties and Technique Parameters:


Main Features:
The high strength,excellent wear resistance, 20 times more than commonly ceramic ball, keep the material high degree of purity.
The high density, largely improve the grinding efficiency.
The lowest abrasion preventing material from any contamination.
The high grinding efficiency shorten 50% grinding times.
Good roundness, smooth and shiny surface, long times of use.

99.5% Alumina Ball

99.5% pure nano-alumina wear-resistant ball is of high purity,high density and super abrasive characteristic, the new product is cost effective and very suitable for grinding and dispersion of high-end ultra-fine alumina powder.

Properties and Technique Parameters:


Φ0.2mm-Φ3mm Grinding media used in sand mill
Φ3mm-Φ20mm Grinding media used in mix mill and ball mill

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