Tungsten Carbide Grinding Media

As the fineness requirements of materials become higher and higher, the sand mills becomes commonly used, and there are many grinding media on the market. How to choose a grinding media that is more suitable for production process and conditions, is a rather crucial Selecting the right media, let’s take some factors into consideration:
Chemical compatibility; physical compatibility; grinding media density; grinding media size; grinding media life service; cost efficiency.
In the past, steel has traditionally been used as grinding media material, it is fast being replaced by tungsten as the preferred material. Tungsten carbide media shows a lower rate of wear than the steel, while the grinding rate for tungsten carbide media was proportional to the specific gravity.
Tungsten carbide grinding media is however a perfect fit, considering the demand for a material which has superior strength, resistance to abrasion and corrosion as well as tolerance for high-temperature ranges.

Grinding Media – WC balls

Superior Features
Tungsten carbide crystals which are also known as grinding media are available as spherical and precision ground to a specific diameter. Tungsten carbide balls in different sizes depending on the grinding needs. The material also has superior qualities of its high hardness HRA 90.5 as well as an exceptionally high density sp.gr.15
Spherical grinding balls is usually as tungsten carbide grinding media , available in different state conditions like sintered tungsten carbide balls, the rough grinding tungsten carbide balls, the grinding tungsten carbide balls, the high precision tungsten carbide balls, and the smooth grinding tungsten carbide balls.

Tungsten Carbide Grinding Media – Ball’s Variety of Sizes

0.4 MM
0.5 MM
0.7 MM
0.8 MM
1.0 MM
1.2 MM
1.5 MM
1.588 MM
1.6 MM
1.98 MM
2.0 MM
2.2 MM
2.5 MM
2.75 MM
3.0 MM
3.5 MM
3.75 MM
3.8 MM
4.0 MM
4.5 MM
5.0 MM
6.0 MM
6.5 MM
7.0 MM
7.5 MM
8.0 MM
8.5 MM
9.0 MM
9.5 MM
10.0 MM
10.5 MM
11.0 MM
12.0 MM
12.5 MM
13.0 MM
13.5 MM
14.0 MM
14.5 MM
15.0 MM
16.0 MM
16.5 MM
17.0 MM
17.5 MM
18.0 MM
18.5 MM
19.0 MM
19.5 MM
20.5 MM

Grinding Media - AL2O3 balls