Tungsten Carbide Bead

tungsten carbide beads or tungsten carbide pellets

Tungsten Carbide Beads Specifications

Surface: grinding, polishing


Applications of Tungsten Beads
Tungsten Beads are quite small in size but have a large mass. They can be used in many industries with multifaceted applications, such as precision punching drawing, precision bearings, instruments, meters, pen, spraying machine, pump, mechanical parts, seal valve, brake pump, crushing hole, oil field, laboratory hydrochloride, hardness measuring instrument, fishing gear, satisfying the high-end industry, decoration, finishing and so on.
We have diversified diameters of tungsten Beads moulding, so fast delivery is available. According to vacuum furnace integrated and isostatic pressing, tungsten bead performance have been largely strengthened. Our tungsten Beads have excellent quality, 100% non-porous. For the sake of assuring purchaser use our tungsten Beads satisfactory, we are willing to provide samples for your testing. Please feel free to contact us.