Tungsten Carbide Drilling

Tungsten Carbide Drilling

Tungsten carbide: The best drilling material ever

Needless to say, mining and exploration industries have a high necessity for tough materials that boast of high strength and reliability. With their drilling and exploration works being one of the main processes within these industries, the need for tough drilling materials is endless. While steel has been traditionally used for the same, the rolling out of tungsten carbide in the drilling markets is the best thing that’s happened for these industries. The use of tungsten carbide for drilling in the oil industries is immense owing to the need for power, strength, and precision in results.

The importance in mining and oil exploration industries

Oil exploration industries often go through extreme work conditions. The need to cut deep through the tough rocks and drill down to the oil zones calls for tough materials that can withstand the extent of pressure and harsh conditions. Tungsten carbide is one of the toughest known material with properties of high strength, wear, and abrasion resistance, etc. With the high requirement of tools that are wear-resistant in these tough conditions as posed by the oil industries, the demand for equipment made out of tungsten carbide for drilling works in the oil industries is massive.

Features that make it unbeatable

The benefits of tungsten carbide in the oil exploration and mining industries are massive. With its superior features like high hardness and strength, resistance to wear and tear, resistance to corrosion and abrasion, resistance to high temperatures as well as ability to be molded into the desired shapes and sizes; it has fast replaced steel within these industries.

Interestingly, while the cost of tungsten carbide is much higher than steel, it is a more cost-efficient solution in the long run. With its high-grade strength and wear resistance, the material has a longer life span and gives more value for money when compared to its traditional counterparts like steel. Within the oil and mining industries, time is money. Any time wasted because of worn down equipment is money lost. The use of tungsten carbide for drilling in the oil industries is hence highly profitable for the sector at large.

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