Pure Tungsten Granule

Tungsten granule, also called tungsten flux, tungsten accelerator, and tungsten granulate, has a purity of up to 99.95%. Tungsten granule is extensively used as carbon sulfur analyzer and sulfur analyzer.Tungsten, also known as wolfram, is one of the heaviest metals found on Earth, and has the highest melting point of all elements.

We not only supply pure tungsten granule but also tungsten alloy granule, such as tungsten tin granule. The most popular tungsten granule with our customer are the -20-+40 mesh pure tungsten granule and -20-+40 mesh W Tin granule(tungsten tin granule)..

Appearance:Bright gray polyhedron granule.

Code :LW

Mesh Size:





Outward appearance:bright gray polyhedral granulates

Analysis:Oversize≤5%,Under-size≤7% Carbon,Sulfur and Oxygen

Contents: C ≤ 0001% S ≤ 00007% O ≤ 0,05

Application:Tungsten granule (W granule; wolfram granule; wolfram particle; W particle) is used as flux in the analysis of carbon and sulfur.