Class1, Class2, Class3, Class4

Size: Thick 0.1mmmin.x W400mm max.x L1000mm max.

We are providing a wide range of tungsten alloy plate made of excellent grade tungsten alloy Class 1, Class 2, Class 3, Class 4, the regular size range of our tungsten plate is Thick 0.1mm min. x W400mm max. x L1000mm max. surely available in varied dimensions and thickness for the sake of catering to multiple industrial applications.

Advantages of Tungsten Alloy Plate
Heavy Density

Free cutting processing

Excellent mechanical performance

High elastic modulus

Can effectively absorb x-rays and gamma rays (for the absorption of xrays, and gamma rays than lead high about 30% -3 0%)

No harm to environment and health

Uses of Tungsten Alloy Plate
Radiation shielding

A piece of balancer

Generation of uranium materials

Electric upsetting anvil block

Playball, shrapnel, sunder armor

High voltage contact

Resistance welding electrodes