WEISON is a premier tungsten alloy collimator manufacturer in China. Our products are used in the nuclear medicine sector and other industrial applications. The most significant function of a tungsten alloy collimator is radiation shielding; ray will be concentrated and through the collimator. We produce 90deg 270deg 360deg collimators.it has sturdy and compact structure and precise dimension to narrow the beam.

Tungsten collimator is manufactured in 90%-97% tungsten element with a nickel-copper-iron matrix.In neutron, X-ray and gamma ray optics, a collimator is a device that filters a stream of rays so that only those traveling parallel to a specified direction are allowed through. Tungsten alloy collimators used in neutron, X-ray, and gamma-ray optics because it is not yet possible to focus radiation with such short wavelengths into an image through the use of lenses as is routine with electromagnetic radiation at optical or near-optical wavelengths. Tungsten alloy collimator is also used with radiation detectors in nuclear power stations for monitoring sources of radioactivity.