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Tungsten Ball-Tungsten Heavy Alloy Ball:Our high density tungsten balls are finished by our sophisticated MIM technology. Small or bulk orders are available. Also, we have many readymade balls of different sizes.D2.0, 2.25, 2.4, 3.0, 3,3, 3.75, … regular HD17 and HD18 . We offer the fastest delivery--from rough balls to precision balls.

Heavy Tungsten Alloy Ball Specifications


Density:17.0 g/cc – 18.8 g/cc

Provide: baking & forming; fine milling and surface electroplating.

Tungsten heavy alloys(WNiFe, WNiCu) consist of 85-98% tungsten with balanced commonly nickel and iron or copper.

The alloys are made by liquid-phase sintering to give a structure consisting of almost pure tungsten particles in a matrix of the alloy elements.

Tungsten Heavy Alloys, with densities between 17.0 and 18.8 g/cm3, represent the heaviest materials generally available to the engineer.

Tungsten Alloy Ball Additional Information
Heavy tungsten alloy ball is known as the smallest high density in the field of tungsten alloy ball, which means it can be used in many fields, such as golf clubs, fishing counterweight, the balance of military defense force, small volume, the projectile missile weapons, armor-piercing and hunting devices, shotguns, prefabricated fragments, missile weapons, ammunition penetrator balance; The balance of the oil well logging. And some areas of precision instruments, such as mobile phone vibrators, the clock counter weight, weight watch watch parts, mobile phone vibrator, flywheel weight, etc. High proportion of tungsten and tungsten counterweight is widely used in weight and factories, and the military.