The use of tungsten carbide for valve seats

Tungsten carbide valve seats and balls are frequently used in the petroleum industry within applications such as sand containing wells, high-pressure sulfur resistant oil wells, sea oil wells, viscous oil wells, etc.
Tungsten carbide is a compound with equal compositions of tungsten and carbon. The compound finds specific use in various industrial applications owing to its high strength and resistance to corrosion. In fact, there are only a limited few materials on earth that can compare in strength with tungsten carbide. That said, tungsten carbide is available in varying grades which are chosen depending on the application. The grades vary in terms of grain size, hardness factors, and the use of a binder.
Tungsten carbide is also highly temperature resistant as well as corrosion resistant. In addition to the same, it can be molded into different shapes which makes it extremely suitable for creating different dimension tungsten carbide valve seats for oil industries..

Features of tungsten carbide valve seats
Tungsten carbide is the most used material when it comes to designing pellets and valve seats for the oil industry. With its features like high strength, low maintenance requirements, temperature resistance as well as corrosion resistance, it works perfectly within the petroleum and oil industry.
Weison Advanced Materials (WELSON) are the market leaders in the manufacture and supply of tungsten carbide valve seats for the oil industry along with tungsten carbide balls. Its properties like high abrasion and corrosion resistance, strength, temperature resistance make it a preferred material.WELSON being the market leaders in manufacture and supply of tungsten carbide products can design tungsten carbide valve seats and pellets as per the requirements of an individual customer keeping in line with the international standards of surface finish, tolerance, etc.