Tungsten Carbide Seal Rings

Tungsten carbide seal rings are made by heating tungsten carbide powder along with suitable binders at extremely high temperatures. The result of the process comes in the form of a tough compound which can be easily molded into the desired dimensions of the seal rings.

The high demand for tungsten carbide seal rings in the oil industry as compared to other materials like carbon, duplex carbide, silicon carbide, etc is due to its high strength, chemical resistance, and hardness.

Tungsten carbide is an invaluable material for the oil and gas exploration industries. With the tough and extreme conditions prevalent in these sectors, the instances of wear and tear of equipment and tools are high. This often adds to the expenses within these industries making the overall process less efficient.

That's said, the invention of high strength materials like tungsten carbide and their usage within various industrial applications has revolutionized the sector. With its superior qualities like hardness, strength and abrasion resistance, tungsten carbide has fast replaced traditional materials in these industries. Usage of tungsten carbide for seal rings in the oil industry along with with various other tools and equipment has seen a huge surge in the past few decades.

key reasons for high usage of tungsten carbide seal rings in the oil industry:
• High strength, hardness
• High wear and tear resistance
• High fracture strength
• Ability to withstand high-pressure conditions
• High heat conductivity and resistance to temperature
• Low heat expansion coefficient
• Easy to mold in the desired shapes and sizes
• Fine finish
Features that make tungsten carbide the perfect choice for seal rings.

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