Tungsten Carbide Wire Guide

Tungsten Carbide Wire Guide are used in both drawing and extrusion machines where material is forced under pressure through the die. and they could long time ensure the high surface roughness for high speed roughness for high-speed drawn process. there are variety of sizes and different shapes even special custom ,welcome contact WEISON for details .

Tungsten Carbide Wire Guide - Shapes
* hard metal eyelet, tungsten carbide rings, carbide eye, drill bushings, guide bushings, locating bushing, nipple, fitting
*tungsten carbide eyelet with flange, flanged eyelet, guide eyelet, flange bushing, hard metal flanged bush guide bushing, carbide drill bushings with collar
*air wipe, tungsten carbide injector, suction nozzle, doffing tube inserts
*conical bushings, tungsten carbide conical eyelets, conical thread guide
*tungsten carbide rods, shaft, pin
*pipe, tube, bushing, cylindrical eye
*tungsten carbide rollers, tungsten carbide rolls, tungsten carbide pulleys
*flanged tungsten carbide eyelet with groove, slotted thread guides, with slot, with outside groove
*bow guides in tungsten carbide, buncher guides with threaded bushing
*tungsten carbide bridge, tungsten carbide bow, rings, ring segment
*wire brake, yarn brake, thread brake
*yarn guides, trap type-thread guides, Traverse guides
*slit tungsten carbide guides, slit tungsten carbide, yarn carrier with slit, with bulge, open-type-tread guides
*pigtails, dogtails, hook guides, hooks with metal holder, with metal holder