Copper Tungsten Tubing

Copper Tungsten Tubing

Tungsten Copper Tubing

Copper Tungsten Tubing Advantages

We specialize in manufacturing high quality copper tungsten tubes of various sizes and wall thicknesses. Using state-of-the-art technologies, WEISON produces products that last long, are durable and highly efficient. No matter what requirement is, we are capable of manufacturing copper tungsten tubes as per your exact specification-be it 70WCu, 75WCu, 80WCu, 85WCu, 90WCu or 93WCu.

Copper tungsten tubing (WCu80) has characteristics of tungsten and copper both, with good high-temperature endurance, reliable electronic arc burning & corrosion endurance, high specific gravity and strong intensity. Copper tungsten tubing can be used in radiator of electronic components, electronic emission materials, welding electrodes, home appliance and spare parts for clocks.

Applications for Copper Tungsten Tubing

Copper tungsten tubing is widely used in the fields of machinery, electric power. Copper tungsten tubing can also be used in electron, metallurgy, aviation and spaceflight. We use HIP molding plant - high temperature sintered tungsten matrix - copper-impregnated impregnation technology that, can produce copper tube tungsten for 6-50% of the various pieces of large or profiled copper tungsten alloy material we produced has characteristics of high-density, high thermal conductivity, high strength and hardness, low resistivity, low thermal expansion coefficient and easy machining etc, and copper tungsten tube has excellent performance in areas of the burning arc of resistance, anti-welded and corrosion resistance. We can provide all kinds of copper tungsten tubing as per your requirements.

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