Tungsten Bead

Tungsten Beads

Material:tungsten carbide pellets or high density tungsten alloy pellets.
Tungsten Carbide Beads Specifications
Surface: grinding, polishing

Applications of Tungsten Beads

Tungsten Beads are quite small in size but have a large mass. They can be used in many industries with multifaceted applications, such as precision punching drawing, precision bearings, instruments, meters, pen, spraying machine, pump, mechanical parts, seal valve, brake pump, crushing hole, oil field, laboratory hydrochloride, hardness measuring instrument, fishing gear, satisfying the high-end industry, decoration, finishing and so on.

We have diversified diameters of tungsten Beads moulding, so fast delivery is available. According to vacuum furnace integrated and isostatic pressing, tungsten bead performance have been largely strengthened. Our tungsten Beads have excellent quality, 100% non-porous. For the sake of assuring purchaser use our tungsten beads satisfactory, we are willing to provide samples for your testing. Please feel free to contact us.

Tungsten Carbide Grinding Balls

Tungsten carbide grinding balls are available in different sizes ranging from 0.4mm to 4” along with a high precision G3 and a density higher than steel ranging from 14.8 g/cm3, hardness 92.5 Weison Advanced Materials is the leading manufacturer and supplier of tungsten carbide grinding balls for oil industries around the globe. meeting the stringent international standards, WELSON products including tungsten carbide grinding balls come with features like high hardness, bending resistance, wear resistance, rust free, etc.

Tungsten Carbide Bead

tungsten carbide bead, also known as tungsten carbide pellet, is made up of WC and binder phase Co; they are sintered into blanks after pressing. Sintered blank mostly have band like satellite, we will make precision machining for high-ground or super polish as per customer’s diverse requirement.

tungsten carbide bead is used in a diversity of applications where severe hardness and wear resistance is requisite. Tungsten Carbide has emerged as a greater substitute to steel in plentiful applications where severe conditions occur, such as high abrasion, corrosion as well as high temperatures. nowadays more and more orientation used in tungsten carbide ball pen.

tungsten carbide bead is also widely used in precision hardware, valves, molds, and bearings, die castings, punching holes, fishing gear, counter weighs etc . The hardness of the tungsten carbide bead is higher than 86 ~ 93HRA, equivalent to 69 ~ 81HRC, the wear resistance of tungsten carbide beads is dozens of times that of ordinary steel balls. Some of the features of tungsten carbide beads are as follows:

●Tungsten carbide beads offer high hardness
●They are wear resistance
●Rusty free and anti-bending features
●They are available for replacement of steel balls in any working conditions
●They are generated with grade YG6 with hardness as HRA91.0 and density at 14.9g/cm3 

Processing the Ball Blank

The Tungsten carbide powder along with powdered cobalt metal is mechanically mixed to form a uniform amalgamation. To this combination is added a polymer or else wax that acts as a mechanical binder in the pre-sintered phase. A cautiously measured volume of this combined powder is compressed by a twofold acting press to form the tungsten carbide bead blank, or pre-form. The binder is detached by placing the preformed parts in a vacuum chamber as well as raising the temperature. The binder out gasses and is trapped downstream as a liquid. Next, the combined tungsten carbide and cobalt pre-forms are sintered or else compounded into a solid mass by heating them to a elevated temperature in a vacuum or hydrogen atmosphere heater High hardness as well as dimensional solidity of tungsten carbide beads makes them ideal choice for precision hydraulic valves, high-loading bearings, ball screws, linear bearing in sideways, gauging and checking instruments, as well as meters. If you are looking for the finest quality tungsten carbide beads, consider buying from Weison Advanced Materials.

Tungsten Carbide Ball’s Variety of Sizes


0.4 MM 0.5 MM 0.7 MM 0.8 MM 1.0 MM 1.2 MM 1.5 MM 1.588 MM
1.6 MM 1.98 MM 2.0 MM 2.2 MM 2.5 MM 2.75 MM 3.0 MM 1/8"
3.5 MM 3.75 MM 3.8 MM 4.0 MM 4.5 MM 3/16" 5.0 MM 6.0 MM
1/4" 6.5 MM 7.0 MM 7.5 MM 5/16" 8.0 MM 8.5 MM 9.0 MM
9.5 MM 3/8" 10.0 MM 10.5 MM 11.0 MM 7/16" 12.0 MM 12.5 MM
1/2" 13.0 MM 13.5 MM 14.0 MM 9/16" 14.5 MM 15.0 MM 5/8"
16.0 MM 16.5 MM 17.0 MM 11/16" 17.5 MM 18.0 MM 18.5 MM 19.0 MM
3/4" 19.5 MM 20.0 MM 20.5 MM 21 MM 21.5 MM 22.0 MM 7/8"
22.5 MM 23.0 MM 23.5 MM 24.0 MM 24.5 MM 25 MM 1" 1 1/8"
1 3/4" 45.0 MM 1 7/8" 50.0 MM 2" 60.0 MM 3" 4"


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