Tungsten Target

Tungsten Target

Pure Tungsten Targets

Appearance: Silver white metal luster


Density: not less than 19.2g/cm3

Supply state: Surface polishing, CNC machine processing

Quality standards: GB/T 3875-2006 (tungsten plate)

Tungsten Target Applications

Tungsten Sputtering Targets

Due to the fact that tungsten element can be resistant to high temperature and corrosion, tungsten sputtering targets(W sputteringtarget; wolfram block,Wblock) mainly apply to the semiconductorindustry, flat displays(TFT-LCD), thin-film solar, coating glass industry(including architectural glass, automotive glass, optical film glass etc.),surface engineering(decorative and toolings),magneto-optical recording media, micro-electronics, automotive lighting, and decorative coatings.

We can offer high purity planar targets and rotating targets with fine grain size for you based on your requirements.

Specifications of Tungsten Targets

ThicknessWidthLengthParallelismVerticalitySurface Finish